Jazz does not exist

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Alina Sokulska: Jazz does not exist

Hay existencias

"- i don't like the word "jazz"
- no? how would you call it?
- i think, social music! [...] it's like food: you take what you like you leave what you don't." - Miles Davis

this online course invites you to search for a dance response to what is jazz now?
by searching for your individual voice of dance expression to contemporary music, find a response for a question, does jazz exist?
the course invites you to dance swing, rare styles of black social dance of postwar bebop era in 1940s, as well as UK jazz dance in a perspective of contemporaneity. in addition, the complex of movement exploration through body isolations and tools to warm up your body, is included to the course.
look for concepts to dance to contemporary instrumental music, to unusual time measures, learn how to refresh "vintage" dances in the times you are living now, in the new "roaring 20s".

jazz does not exist. vol. 2.

the second edition of this online course consists of five blocks of videos and includes:

  1. ideas for a warm up. body isolations. concepts for individual practice and general warm up of every part of the body to every note in the music. lower body and legs. you can use them to activate your body before each class taken in this edition.
  2. ideas from swing dance: the half break, the basic technique of the move, rhythm variations, examples of how you can build your flow to contemporary music, including unsquare time measures. the amazing Tamar McLeod Sinclair accompanies this class with live music!
  3. ideas from bebop 40's. bebop IS danceable! "a style nobody can deal with". swing vs. dancing to bebop: how the feeling and body movement changed. how to understand the timing of bebop music. steps from the routine from "Jivin' in Bebop" movie.
  4. ideas from UK jazz dance: groove steps from jazz fusion + their variations.
  5. ideas from a special guest! what a luxury to have Sasha Mashin with us 😉 with his solid methodology to work on your sense of rhythm. Alina helps to integrate Sasha's methodology into your dance practice. make sure you have your patience with you as you will need many hours to repeat the exercises daily to reach the result 😉
  • a pleasant bonus: a small video footage from one of the Thursday sessions in Te Aroha at #GiantstepsDanceLab. Check out how we work in group and steal ideas 😉
  • a task for your homework: create a video up to 5 min to one of the tunes suggested in playlists to classes (or to a one you choose yourself), improvising using the material learnt on the course. send it to us and receive an individual feedback from Alina!
  • the course has a welcome word from Alina where she shares some keys to understanding of the concept of the course. in case you watch it, there might be less questions unresolved 😉

peace and love

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