Classic Jazz


Fechas de inicio y final:
  • 7, 8, 9 o 10 de septiembre

Working on your solo dancing is a great way to build your self-expression, learn about the roots of the dance and enhance your dancing. We’ll be sure to touch on some of the historic background of the dance and where it came from too. Kibble will provide clear definition and instructions to the rudimentary movements which make up some of the foundations of Jazz Dancing. This is also an opportunity for those with more experience to ensure they have their basic vocabulary in place. Teaching some basic steps, using rhythm and familiarly of sounds, slowly introducing you the music which made jazz great and then making sure that you have the basis of becoming an authentic jazz dancer. In this workshop, we primarily focus on the solo movement as individual elements and really nail the fundamentals of each move.


IMPORTANTE: Las clases se impartirán también de forma presencial en las salas de la escuela en el barrio de Gràcia de Barcelona (C/Torrijos 70). 

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Lunes 19h, Martes 19h, Miércoles 19h, Jueves 19h

Fecha de inicio y final

7 de septiembre, 8 de septiembre, 9 de septiembre, 10 de septiembre

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